How to pivot with style

For those of us who also crave sensory stimulation, one of the big reasons that we travel, step out of our comfort zones, and go to concerts is to turn up the sensory dial on our own lives. On any given day, my sensory dial could be anywhere from a 1-5 on an...

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The English language has approximately 171,500 words. Today we're going to examine this word: lean. There's a lot of transitional movement going on in my life. My people have asked me how I've been in this week and I've answered with: "I have no extra time; every...

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Clean and Dangerous

Have you ever come across the word FORGIVENESS on social media and felt your stomach contract into a tiny little fist of resistance? You too? Phew. It happens to me a lot. I've noticed there's a direct correlation between high levels of stress in my life and an...

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