I’m Rachel.

A Joy Connector.

An unapologetic life force of light and love.

I help visionaries and dreamers get what they want.

Joy, connection, and possibility are what light me up.

I provide a blend of productivity and Mindfulness to my clients so they can create their big dreams sustainably.


My credentials

  • More than a decade of cross-cultural experience as an international educator
  • Experience working with hundreds of citizens of the world in cross-cultural settings
  • A life-long love of self-awareness and personal growth work.
  • Mindfulness background as a dedicated practitioner, student, and teacher of yoga.
  • A Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Oregon.
  • Certification as a Whole Person Life Coach through the Bakara Institute & Coach Training World in Portland, Oregon.

  • A Licensed Firestarter Sessions Facilitator.

What I provide you  

In our time together, we’ll help you get everything you want using:

  • mindfulness tools
  • actioneering
  • accountability
  • celebration
  • community + connection

Productivity and Sustainability

We’ll dive deep and make plans to go after whatever it is that lights you up. Most importantly, we are here to fill you with joy, not burn you out in the process of getting into the best version your best life.



I offer one-on-one coaching sessions in 3, 6, or 9, one hour sessions over the phone or in person.

Learn more about One-on-One Coaching


Group coaching programs grounded in sisterhood and community are offered throughout the year online. These group sessions are amplified in efficacy because your people, a community of like-minded dreamers, are there with you to help you get everything that you want. You’ll also be assigned a partner and have lifetime access to a private Facebook group.


 Onward Woman

Wild Ones group

The benefits of working with a coach

Unlike consulting, coaching is a client-centered practice. It’s my job to listen to you, remind you of your resourcefulness, keep you focused on the desired outcome, and make plans that are in alignment with your desired feelings and productivity. We will get very clear on your dream life and move forward from their. I’ll ask you deep questions, and we’ll move forward together. 

Unlike your best friends and trusted family members, I’m unbiased and fully committed to you, your agenda, and your desired outcomes. I’ll gently hold you accountable for your desired actions, and stay with you every step of the journey.

In other words, I’m a combination of Glenda the Good Witch, an army drill sergeant, your favorite yoga teacher, and your most trusted best friend all rolled into one person, here to serve you and help you transform your desires into reality. For real.

Gallup CliftonStrengths that I bring to our work:






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